Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last night I met with some brave girls and as I remember this day the bravery of 9-11 and the impact this day has had on the hearts of the world…I am moved to write.

She cries out for help to come
Feeling help has been lost…hopeless

The faces of light have been hidden
Hidden in the darkness found in our world
Fear buried deep in her soul and masked
Masked by a covering of hurts

At the same time running from the pain, there is a desire to call
At least a whisper for help
Answer me quickly when I call…

I know my days vanish like the brief smell of hope that billows through the air
My bones ache and feel to be burning away like embers in the fire

My heart is scarred and my life withers like the grass
The feelings of rejection run deeper than I can see or touch
The distress causes me to forget to eat or drink

All day long thoughts run through my head…taunting me reminding me…
I am alone.
I am forgotten.

Where is the hope?
Where is the love?

I look and search but do not find.

There in the shadows hemmed in by the Light coming forth…
 I think I see…
I hope I see…

(I couldn’t help but realize how my writing changed from ‘she….the girl’….to "I the distressed one".)

Do you know well the feelings of despair?

Do you know who to call?

I know I can call to God and He will answer me…

Unfortunately, not all girls know that they can call and they surely do not know that He answers.

Not all are familiar with His loving voice because it has been muffled and the sounds of rejection bark louder.

Last night I sat with some amazing, courageous women who are willing to run to the darkness for the purpose of bringing light.

Each has their own cares and concerns in this world…each one a prayer from the depths of their heart, crying out to God for help—their own 9-1-1 call to the most High.   

Still, driven by the light, the love and the life of our savior Jesus they press on.
Bringing hope…
Bringing love…

Whispering with actions to those that need to hear, “You are loved. You are worth dying for.” 

Never forgetting the cry…the cause…the life of Jesus that propels it all!

Keep going girls…May we never forget!

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