Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Grab ahold and come close!  

Do you ever feel like the same message is being communicated to you over and over and in various ways? 

My youngest boy was in a playful mood and was burying his face in the pillows and wanted me to join him and my eyeballs were in a stare-lock with my computer screen.  Before I knew it my little guy’s face was plastered against mine and he was motioning towards the mound of pillows to join him. 

I keep feeling this urge from within to freeze; focus and frame my actions on what is important.

Then another time a conversation among friends confused my heart and shook my convictions to the core and I couldn’t help but 

My husband had an everyday request that required I 

My older boy was struggling with some homework, which beckoned my heart to 

An alarming medical concern necessitated I 

Then on the drive home I heard freeze…focus…frame beckoning in the recesses of my heart and mind as I glanced up to the sky.  

*I had to stop the car-freeze; get out my iPhone and focus on the picture...and then frame my actions to take the picture and also take in what was before me to do.  

How often is something before us that we must take pause and freeze; then focus on the issue and shut out any distractions to pray; and then frame ourselves to act and pursue what God may be directing us to do? (Maybe it is pause-pray-pursue)

It doesn’t matter what the situation is; if we are daughters of the King, we are called and wired to draw close to Jesus and stay close to His love and light.  And the reality is that when we do…His light radiates off of us like the sun radiates around the clouds that draw near.

May we seek from Jesus what it means to freeze…focus…frame OR pause...pray...pursue.

For we are called to “Lift up our eyes and look about…” (Isaiah 60:4)

Then we will look and be radiant and full of joy! (Isaiah 60:5) Who doesn't desire this? 

And we know that those who look to him are radiant! (Psalm 34:5)

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