Saturday, September 15, 2012


As I began to take the inspiration in my heart and place it on paper…only one word came to my mind…stuck!

I actually have a myriad of thoughts, but it is like my thoughts are stuck filtering through the funnel from my head to my fingertips, which are waiting on the keyboard.

Thinking maybe this was another time I needed to pause-pray-pursue another avenue…or go with Plan B…I paused and remembered…STUCK!  I thought of just sticking my head  in the sand...but I felt nudged to think further...

Actually stuck just encompasses what has been on my heart these last couple of weeks surrounding a lot of different things.

Do you ever feel stuckStuck in the mud of a messy relationship? Or stuck in a situation, feeling paralyzed, unsure of what to do next? 

Hmmm…I sense God calling us to humble ourselves when we are stuck, call on Him and He will lift us up in due time.  (1 Peter 5:6-7)

I read and heard several things last week that dealt with what to do if you’re stuck and what is a princess to do but share them; right?  At least that was a great tip shared on Girlfriendit Radio yesterday with their show titled, “What’s Your EQ?”  You can listen here

So here goes some more sharing:

Last week my husband and I attended a marriage conference given by pastor and author, Ted Cunningham of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri.

He spoke about the importance of slowing down to enjoy our spouse and he also shared 8 things that can identify a marriage as being stuck in the grind.  He said to be aware if  we are doing any of these things:

1.     Blame our spouse as either the source and solution of the problem.
2.     Question your compatibility with your spouse
3.     Repeat mistakes and develop patterns (make a big deal out of the issues in life)
4.     Rush decisions...intimacy gets rushed.
5.     Close your heart towards your spouse—or anyone else…anytime our heart is closed to anyone it affects our spouse.
6.     Isolate yourself from others
7.     Doubt your future
8.     You explore other options. 

Then, Cunningham devoted the last half of the seminar to talking about sex in marriage and how we couples can remain stuck together (did I really just type that?)   Yes!  And Cunningham shared much more that made me blush and literally made me laugh out loud…I left feeling like I had a complete abdominal workout from laughing so hard.  Click here to see a tidbit of a talk I found on you tube which he gave a couple of years ago.

Cunningham gave lots of great tips and reminders (we all need to be reminded right?)  He talked about ways to be creative and gave suggestions on what not to read/watch to spice up your love life and what to do in order to spice it up!  Some recent posts from members at my church were chatting about how candles and trampolines might go together-ha!

Cunningham mentioned his wife was reading this book and it is already in my Kindle *wink-wink.  It was refreshing to hear about a pastor's wife reading a book that was stirring up healthy conversation about sex in marriage.  Not everything out there if good and beneficial for us to read is it?

I am weary and concerned about other things out there that our world is encouraging us to read.  Patty and Lisa also talked about a New York Times Best Selling Book.  Hear Patty and Lisa chat with Dale and Jonalyn Fincher about this book on Girlfriendit Radio here.  The Finchers share their perspective, and they recommend some other  books on the show.  

I am passionate about this topic in that I love Jesus and I care about women and the effects this book and the like have on our culture.   Here is a blog that I read that speaks to this passion, you can read it here

When you feel stuck, do you seek Christ or someone/something else?   I can't help but be reminded of my need of Christ when I am feeling stuck.  Christ is the One we need to lean into when we are stuck.  He will lift us out of any muck.

My husband recently admitted to me humbly, that he thinks a big key to our marriage thriving is the prayer of his heart, in which he asks God to answer my prayers...

Do you pray that way?  My husband didn't share this to convict me, yet I am convicted...

WOW!  That is a lot to take in there isn’t it? No wonder my thoughts got a little stuck.  And-ha! much for my thoughts being stuck.  500+ words later…I really have so much more to write; but I am going to put the cap on it for now and let that all just sink in. 

Press on toward the goal girlfriends…let's encourage one another to seek Him, especially when we are stuck! 

Do you have any other tips or books to share that have helped you when you are stuck in your marriage or in any other area of your life? 

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