Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Has social media changed the game of friendship?

Are friendships weird now because of social media? 

Do you feel like something has come between some of your relationships?

How can we maneuver through this cyberspace together without walking through on the other side like a chunk of Swiss cheese?  

Since writing in this social media world, I’ve recognized my need for a couple of things:

.     1.  Create space.  I recognize the need to guard the actual face-time I value.   My time to be online has to be limited and there are drop-dead no connect times like between the hours of 3-6pm when my boys are home from school and we are talking and doing homework.  *I have other times that I put these barriers up, this is just an example of one of those times.

      2.  Thick skin.  Who thought cyber-space would need a thick-emotional space suit?  Un-friending hurts no matter who you are; and seeing all the great things someone else is doing on a day you just popped the biggest zit on your nose makes for disaster in the minds of our heads. Or maybe it is just me?

       3.  REJOICE!  God has great plans for me…no matter what He is doing in someone else’s life…God has great plans for me. 

What do you have to add when it comes to maneuvering through social media?

I have some pre-teen boys who will be venturing down this road soon and I am praying about their journey and talking to them about friendships.   I cannot always answer their questions about why the boy unfriended them in their online game…but I can talk to them about this feeling of rejection and teach them to bounce back quicker and move-on. 

How are your preparing your kids? 

There is more to life than teaching our boys about social media...I know…Girlfriendit Radio gave some great tips about how to raise our young boys into godliness and they had the authors of the book, Checkpoints on their show.  Listen here if you missed it. 

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.
(Romans 10:15)
Some people seem to be doing this happy dance in cyber world just fine.  Their feet bring good news no matter the muck; whether it is in reality or cyberworld.  I am trying to do the best I can and find I gravitate towards those who can balance both.

So how are your feet bringing good news into this world either literally or cyber-ly?  

Can you grab a cup of coffee and think about that for a second and just chat heart-to-heart..or is this weird?  

How do you manage it? 

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