Friday, September 21, 2012


I am convinced that if I were found in the pages of scripture…John Chapter 9, to be exact…you would find me covered in mud! 

I kind of feel like Peter when he wanted Jesus to not just wash his feet but to wash his whole body…

I am aware of the dirt, and aware of my imperfections and the blindness that encompasses my soul and" thus my insides cry out too, "Cleanse me Lord...refine me.

Thankful for the glimpses of Jesus in scripture and simply rejoicing in the simple mud today.  

It's in this mud and in between the lines of scripture that I hear Jesus understands me and care for me. 

Don't you just like it when someone gets you?  

In reading John 9:

I see Jesus noticing the blindness and it matters to him…
I see others noticing the blindness and immediately thinking ill of the blind man’s life….
I see reminders in this text, in this scene for the disciples to stay focused on their task...

Do you ever notice how words like mud get caked on our brain when we are around certain people?  I am learning to distance myself from those who do not bring about positive self-talk from within me.  As well as, fighting against talk like the disciples had when they immediately had ill feelings and assumed someone sinned.    

Jesus actions and love speak volumes to my heart and like mud drying on my face I want His love to soak in and stick to my pores.
 Like MUD, I will remember:

1.  It Matters to Him.
Jesus is aware and it matters to Him.
2.  He will Uncover it all someday.  
Others may not get it and Jesus will correct them and their thoughts some day.
3.  Just be like Jesus and Do it. 
I will stay focused on the work He has for me to do…regardless of the mud around me.

So don’t be surprised if you see me with a little mud on my face...

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