Monday, August 18, 2008

Captivating Thoughts

Hee Hee…Today I look out at the sky and see clear blue skies. No clouds for God to speak to me through. I just had to chuckle inside. Isn’t that just like me to go back to what was familiar to me? I realized I made a decision at that moment; one of many choices that I make every day.
I could easily be disappointed and frustrated and even put myself into a depression because God would not be able to speak to me like He did just a few days ago. Thankfully, I know He is so much bigger than that and know He is capable of speaking to me and able to fill me with joy and hope in so many ways—not just through the presence of clouds.
This choice seemed easy but what about more difficult things and brokenness which we all experience in this journey of life. I recalled speaking to someone over the weekend that was just feeling down and discouraged. Life just seems for whatever reason to bring one heartache after another. Just when one struggle and trial comes and goes another is right there bringing doubtful thoughts to fill the mind. What do we do in these circumstances? It is easy to get discouraged and be tossed back and forth.
It’s as if God is whispering “focus.” What do we focus on? This person I talked to was unable to focus on anything else but this feeling of attack.
My soul cried out 2 Cor 10:5! Father, help us not give the enemy this much attention or a foothold in our life!
Girlfriends, can we please focus more on God and His great and wonderful plan for us Jer 29:11…and the fact that He has overcome death for us!!
I feel the passion and fervor rising within me. I am so aware of the enemy’s attacks and so know that he has tried throughout my life to hold me down with stronghold after stronghold—but my Jesus saved me!! And I could be wrong; and when I get to heaven I may find out differently; but I think I want to live every day knowing that the enemy had to pass by God first (He is our Father you know). God is in control and if I am facing a struggle I will embrace it and seek to find out what my God wants to teach me through this circumstance rather than steer my heart to how discouraged I am by snare after snare.
I don’t know why God allows some things to happen; and I’m deeply distressed when I hear of and see the brokenness in this world. Believe me I have my own struggles and the enemy has had his way with me quite a few years back. The brokenness my heart has experienced to some seems insurmountable ; but although I am still a work in progress— God has freed me of so much!
I choose everyday to allow the joy of the Lord be my strength and rather than focus on all that the biggest ‘loser’ (the enemy cannot win) is trying to do in and around my life…I am clinging to the unbeatable ‘winner!’ For God not only saved my life and sealed me for redemption in heaven when I die; but He also saves me each and every day…I will walk in victory; taking every thought captive to Christ and praising my Father for the present need of Him in my life even in the darkest of times.
Clouds or no clouds it’s going to be a joyous day no matter what…there is always something to praise Him for in this journey!
The picture posted above is of my great friend’s oldest daughter skiing on Couer d’ Alene Lake in Idaho this summer….I love you Joey…thanks for encouraging me to live in His Freedom!!! May we raise our children to do the same. “Way to go Logan!!!”

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