Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Thoughts And It Is Done

There’s a lot of usual Saturday play going on in our home today with lots of re-organizing projects. I thought I really enjoyed the act of organization but right now I am finding myself extremely impatient and just wanting to snap my heels together and have it all whimsically carried away in a tornado and placed neatly back in order.
It’s been a busy year with Justin taking classes and keeping up with the boys activities and Dad’s desire for camping and Mom’s desire for the beach we have conveniently ignored the piles here at home. And now Mom and Dad not only have their piles—but so do the boys.
I felt God tug on my heart as I carried one pile of stuff to its home in another room. Bit-by-bit and piece-by-piece it will all get done just as step by step I take my walk with Him. It is truly a journey but not a journey without a destination. This journey with Jesus surely has a destination—Hallelujah!! I just had to praise Him for the encouragement and pressed on.
Then, I found this writing that Joshua wrote recently about tornadoes and dust devils….praise God for time to organize, breath and embrace His love.

Monster Tornadoes

Monster tornadoes are very dangerous. Once a monster tornado even tore down a whole city. Monster tornadoes are very big. They go faster than a race car. It could take down a human’s plan. It takes down human’s houses. It could pile up cars and trucks. But now it is done.

Dust Devils
Dust devils are kind of like tornadoes. But actually they are made from air and dust. The air and dust form a dust devil, but how? When the air moves across the sand it mixes with the air and the dust so fast that is creates a dust devil. Dust devils can be cool. But now it is done.

Our Journey…I guess it can be similar to a tornado or a dust devil. Walking and talking to God, but how? Reading the Bible and praying His Word. Watching and talking with those more learned and asking God to show us how. We live and breathe with the love and hope He gave us since and to His glory He gave His only son Jesus. God has said before…“It is done.” When He created this earth, when He created man, when Jesus died and rose again…will we here it again? He is making a new home for us in heaven—will He say it again…oh how I anticipate with joy to hear Him say is done!

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