Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Source of Hope

Can't resist posting this. Look past our neighbors big conversion van and see what we thanked God for yesterday...When Justin got home from work he called us all outside to see this rainbow which appeared over our neighborhood and seems to be landing in our backyard.

He is our source of hope :)

Anytime that I awake before the alarm clock, and without the beckon of one of my boy's voice ringing in my ear, I choose to believe that God wants me up and wants to spend some time with me.  Earlier this summer, I remember saying "Yes," to God as He nudged me out of bed to see something similar painted in the sky.

 I believe He wanted to rise me out of bed a littlle earler that morning just so see His piece of art work on his divine canvas.  I don't remember the exact words I read that morning in scripture, but I was reminded throughout the day of His promises, and of his great love for me.  He wanted to spend time with me and show me something.  He wants to spend time with you and show you things too!  He wants us to remember His love--and take it with us into each day. 

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