Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 11 of Living on Purpose

God wants to be my best friend. This means He desires for me to seek Him, think about Him, love Him and honor Him.

I remember my very first best friend, I was 6 years old and her name was Lisa. I can still picture her bright smile, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. I would walk home from school with her and we shared and talked about all kinds of stuff. She was the first real ‘girlfriend’ besides my sister who really seemed interested in getting to know me and the things I liked…you know the kind of friend you are comfortable about telling anything…and can laugh and feel giddy about the silliest things together. But, this friendship didn’t last very long; we were only friends for just a few short months because her family moved out of the neighborhood. I was so sad…devastated really. I also remember my mom talking about how depressed I was for weeks afterwards.

I remember being a little girl and thinking about spending time with Lisa constantly…we were inseparable at school and all the time our parents would allow afterschool. I have found memories of running to her house to share the littlest of things…and she was always ready to listen…ready to tell me just how special I was in her adolescent way.

I love how God reminded me of her this morning as I think about Him being my best friend. I do think about Him and His Word throughout the day and I just when I think I cannot be more intimate with God…He WOWs me—blows me away with His tenacious love…which He chooses to lavish on me daily!!!

When I first read this book almost 10 years ago…I admit my relationship with my BFF wasn’t nearly what it is today; I was just barely understanding that Jesus wanted to be my friend…I look forward to what it is going to be 10 years from now!!! And I give God the glory in the fact that my boys are growing up knowing that they too have a BFF (JD told me He just talked to Him yesterday and Joshua told me that knowing Him helped him make a good choice even when I wasn't around!!! Not, that both boys behaved perfectly and didn't make some bad choices yesterday too...but there were definite victories that occurred just yesterday and we praised Him for it!!! THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!) and their friend, Jesus is with them wherever they go. My boys are learning that God has a specific purpose for each of their lives and He is answering my prayers and is building a new generation in my family line who seeks, loves, serves and worships Him!

My first BFF moved away and I never saw her again…(hmmm maybe God will use Facebook to reconnect us???) I praise God for all of the friends He has brought into my life; but there is only one true BFF in my life…His name is Jesus, and there is nothing like this journey with my BFF!!

Thank you Jesus for all that You are to me and how you continually fill this delicate tender heart of mine!!!

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