Thursday, February 19, 2009

Days 20-26 of Living on Purpose

These last four days of reading have been focusing on the importance of relationships and how we need to do all that we can to keep unity in our relationships. In addition, with the new week beginning on Sunday we are entering into a new theme of becoming like Christ.
I don’t think it is coincidence that some national headlines have come back to my mind as well as some very recent ones as I have been reading and studying.

I did just celebrate my 35th birthday; and my family tends to celebrate birthdays for a week,hence the lack of time to write in the morning. I have been embracing the celebratory state that has been in my home for not only my birthday but my being a princess for Valentine’s Day too. Can I just say I love how my husband loves me…he truly gives all his effort to love me like Christ loves the church and it is should be to no one’s surprise how instrumental he has been in allowing me to accept Christ’s love! I love thinking about how my husband and I came to choose each other…God made our lives inner-twine and just like I feel like God leaves me hanging on with bits of mysterious love to hang on too…so was really how Justin and I fell in love and continue to fall in love…I don’t know how else to describe it—God was clearly involved in bringing Justin into my life!

I think there are so many things we take for granted and don’t recognize God’s hand in—whether big or little—He is over it all! For instance, recently a miraculous landing of an airbus on Hudson River caught the attention of many. It occurred just last month prior to the inauguration of President Obama…really a freak thing occurred. How often do we hear of geese…flying into a jet engine? Not one but two engines were hit by geese!?! How often do we hear of a successful jet landing on water…just missing a bridge and everyone walking off of the plane safely? How often do we hear of an African American President?

God is in and over and through all of this…He allows and ordains things to happen and weeks go by and we forget the miracles and the powerful impact of what we “see” just like many move to a beautiful place like the beach or the Titan Mountains and before long take for granted of the beauty that may be in their backyard. I do believe that God has a purpose and specific plan in bringing Obama to be our 44th President and I will be praying for him even though I do not agree with him on every stance. Yet, still the same I am in awe of our God and His powerful demonstration…whether His beauty in nature, in allowing geese to take down a plane and covering the hands of a pilot to land the airbus safely, or orchestrating the US Presidency…or my marriage and other healthy God-centered relationships I have…I want to choose to see my God at work!

I also can’t overlook that just days ago I got reconnected with a former High School classmate on FB that shared a picture of herself with Obama and then I heard that Obama was scheduled to speak at my former High School. I feel a sense of either not ever leaving High School since reconnecting with so many from back in the day. But, also a sense in my heart to desire being young again…going back to a time where I maybe lived a little more care free…it is tempting…yet in the same breath I shutter and sense a nudging from God to keep going…keep growing…okay…grow up!

Rick Warren talks about this and shares three responsibilities that I have if I want to be more like Christ…and I do desire to be more like Him.
On page 175 Warren shares; first, we must let go of old ways; second, we must change the way we think; and third, we must develop new Godly habits.

I am forever a learner…forever growing up…forever sharing this journey with Christ and those around me as I embrace this life as one who is loved! I am choosing to surrender and trust more and more each moment.

I am meditating on a lot of truths this week, even though I have not been home much this week to process, reflect and write. One powerful picture and story found only in Matthew I hope to share tomorrow…until then I am basking in His love and my known inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade (1Peter 1:4).

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