Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 14, 15, 16, & 17 of Living on Purpose

Between celebrating my birthday early with family and working at the school my time to reflect and write has been squished. I like that word…squished…especially right now because it kind of denotes a negative uncomfortable feeling yet it is also good to feel close and secure with something. And that is just how I feel about this…I am a bit frustrated that I have not had the time to reflect on His Word and write these last couple of days…yet my days have been full of comfy cozy moments with God and the one’s I love…I just haven’t been able to reflect on the moments like I have desired and get it on paper or on the computer where I definitely type faster than I handwrite.

And again, I do struggle with what is the purpose…who cares? But even if I write for my own children, my own heart, and one downcast spirit…just the simple act of responding to God’s love I believe He is pleased! And I too believe in what Rick Warren states on page 130, “My relationship with God…although it is personal…He never intended for it to be private.” Lord, please help me teach my children this and may I as an adult share Your love continually…both in cyberspace and in my daily interaction with others. I am remembering a Kindergartener who asked for a hug and reminded me of what he said on the playground the day prior, “You are beautiful! Did you know God made us and everything in the whole world?” This little boy was emphatic and truly desired for me to know…and I know because I know that my God also wants me to know…He wants all of us to know…We are beautifully and wonderfully made!!!

So, what have I been meditating on…
Point for Day #14: God is real no matter how I feel
Point for Day #15: I was made for God’s family.
Point for Day #16: Life is all about love.
Point for Day #17: I am called to belong, not just believe.

Today is my birthday and I am so excited to spend the day with friends and tonight with my family…first I know God has a plan for me to be my son’s teacher once again just for a couple of hours while his teacher is at an appointment.

I woke up with the first thoughts being on God and swear I heard Him say I love you…so glad you are mine…and I swear I felt His big arms around me. I am so desiring to fully grasp all that God is to me…just off of the top of my head I am thinking of Him as my Savior, my Redeemer, my Rescuer, my Father, my friend…Oh yes, I love what John 15:14 says, “you are my friends if you do what I command.”

Oh, this is my heart’s desire…not to just do what is right…but to without a doubt seek what God has for me to do in His Word…seek the truths about this life and act..not just to get a gold star at the end of day; not with an attitude that I am okay and secure when I do what is right…but truly I desire more and more to do what God desires because I love Him…

Praise you Father, that this is beyond my duty as a follower of You…Your love beckons me and has changed this heart of mine…I will never be perfect at this…but I move because I am responding to Your love today and everyday!! Please increase this love and my desire to respond to You!!

As a child my heart was full…but I don’t think full of what He desired!!! I praise You Lord that because You beckon the hearts of those You call children…I now know love!!! I know love because those around me know and love you, God…thank you!! We cannot love perfectly…but we definitely get parts right and receive glimpses of love when He is at center!!!

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