Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 8 of Living on Purpose

We were made for God’s pleasure! We were made for God’s pleasure? I sense that something deep within me knows this is truth; but honestly with the environment that I was reared in…I can sense my mind is struggling to fully grasp this truth. There is so much I want to fully absorb, let soak in and make concrete…I read quite a few verses of scripture after reading this chapter and bottom line; I feel my heart is crying out… I want to know 100% of the time and rely on 100% of the time the love that God has for me. (1John 4:16)

Even though most of my life I have struggled with feelings of worth (I guess it is kind of hard to feel that you are pleasing and loved if this world can also be full of mixed messages of love and acceptance)…I know right now in this very moment that I was made to enjoy this life…not just endure it…and I want to remember these truths every moment of my life.

I have become intrigued also with this word pleasure; which is ratsah in Hebrew. It also means that God is pleased with me; God approves of me; God is satisfied with me; God has found favor with me; God has accepted me…God loves me! And not just me...but you too!!!

Lord, please continue to cover over the lies that I have one time or another held onto and please instill these pleasing, loving truths deep within my heart and help me to know that you created me so that you could love me and I could bring you pleasure!!!

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