Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep Watching For God

I am so thankful for the walks along the way…
Both the literal walks that I have just about every morning after sipping my coffee and reading my Bible; as well as the figurative walks I have with God along this Princess Path.

Are you walking too?
I wonder if you are walking right now with a kick in your step or does a season of solemnness have you dragging your feet?

Wherever I am, wherever you are in your walk, I know Jesus wants to encourage me(you).

I believe this is why God gives us gifts on our walks…and these gifts keep me going and energize my soul.  You know those times when you just know God brought that Word, that song lyric, or that friend’s wisdom at just the right time to remind you of His presence.  I cannot help but have a desire to write about these moments...

I realized this week that I have to be careful not to crave these times more than I hunger for Him alone.  This past week I have been soaking up a gift and resting in it all the while still very aware that the enemy has tried to push me in a corner.  He is the bully of all bullies. 

I didn’t fully understand the vastness of my ‘funk’….I don’t know what else to call it.

Today while soaking up the wisdom from one of my favorite Bible Study teachers I felt God highlighting with bright neon color in my head some of her words along with scripture. 

She reminded me that the enemy does love to push us in a corner and had us read Psalm 19:18.  In looking up the verse, I found it highlighted in my Bible with bright blue from previous studying. 

Do you like to highlight and write in your Bible?

I love a fresh Word but even more a fresh Word that He has previously given me… (Yes, I think this makes sense…His Word is alive and active and capable of being fresh, again and AGAIN.)

The enemy loves to make us feel like we are backed into a corner and restricted; but our God has rescued us and brought us to a spacious place…why?
Psalm 19:8 says He delights in us.

Do you feel backed in a small space, restricted at times?  
Some times this feeling of being restricted is just plain crippling and causes me to freeze up. 

I am catching on to the enemy’s nasty pushing tricks and the amount of time that I feel backed in a corner has become less and less; but I can't deny that it still happens. 

How long does it take for you to realize your stuck in a corner?
How do you get yourself walking again.

The funny things is that this week after reading some other scripture, I asked God to reveal to me some areas that I am crippled and in need of His healing touch. (I will share this other God-moment with you in a later posting)--but I see now God is showing me the culprit of the crippling...

I am so thankful to know God and know that He delights in me—and He delights in you—and He has brought you and me into a spacious place. 

Let us not feel paralyzed and stuck in a corner…let's keep walking.

For the LORD has delivered us..
Our eyes from tears…our feet from stumbling, so that we may walk before the LORD.
(Psalm 116:8)

*And look at this note-what timing!  

Awaiting for me in the mailbox were the copies of the book I contributed to, and the publisher attached a note encouraging me to "Keep watching for God...and to keep writing!"  

I want to encourage others to keep watching for God too...stay tuned for a book give-away.

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