Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beautiful eBook!

Last night I was at church attending a leadership meeting and was delighted that they chose to begin the meeting with worship.  The last song we sang, brought the Spirit of God close, reminding me of the magnitude of God’s love for me.  This theme that I am loved, and WHOA HOW HE LOVES US, has been resonating in my heart these past few weeks and I remembered quoting this song in my first eBook. 
Yes, you read that right…my first eBook on the study of 1 John is published! 
As if that wasn’t enough, I’m so excited to be leading a group of women through the study beginning next week! 
Check out my page on Amazon and then click on the link for my eBook “A Journey Through 1 John – See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE- Live the LIFE!”

I first wrote this study on 1 John about  2 ½ years ago and led a group of almost 20 women through the study and was blessed by giving both my time to studying and praying with these women. 
God continues to open my eyes and open my heart to His ways and His love; encouraging me to live the abundant life free from the entanglement of abuse and sin that I was accustomed to as a child.  My life is not perfect, I am not perfect…but none of us has to be…His love is perfect. 

May we know and rely on the love that He has for us girlfriends! (1 John 4:16)
Leaving the meeting last night, I chatted with three gals that I have never met before; there are hundreds of leaders at our new church and my family is still six months new to the church.  Two of the gals were named Linda, and we made small talk about the name Linda; it’s my mother’s name (please continue to pray for her—I will blog more this week about her and her journey) and then one of the gray-haired Linda’s spoke about a time decades before when she was a naïve teenager a casa-nova type gentleman told her that the name Linda meant beautiful.  “It does!”  I know that; yet this Linda was sharing how put off and offended she was with this man’s context and attitude as he shared with her this truth. 
I chatted with them briefly about how sad that the world may try to bring us down and taint our ‘beautiful’—yet God has named each one of His children after his own beautiful image….

I celebrate today this day that my eBook is published not to boast of what I have done or my own ‘beautiful,’ (truthfully: at times my feelings about ‘beautiful’ have waned)—No, it is God who captivated my heart and has transformed me from the inside out…and I pray that you too will see, feel and embrace your own beautiful!!
Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good.  I sing and write anthems to His beautiful name!
(Psalm 135:3 The Message)
You are a beautiful princess, grab your tiara and join me on this Princess Path…and if you feel led, grab a copy of my eBook and let’s go down this journey together!
Would love to hear your thoughts about the study; you can comment on Amazon or below on my blog. 
To my King be ALL the BEAUTIFUL glory!

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