Thursday, January 5, 2012


In the very mundane of my day, I sense my King speaking to me and these moments energize my soul.  I know I am not alone in my desires to hear from my Father, for we are all wired to hear from Him and I share not to boast and scream to the masses…look what I got—but my heart is to make Him alone famous—famous and known everywhere--in every heart…
God loves you…I pray that you hearing how He touches my heart will give you permission to see Him in your day too.
Just the onions beginning to sweat
I stood there in the kitchen preparing dinner just like any other late afternoon, this time making some extra for my mum and the extras dear to me under her roof.  Something beckoned my heart from the heat in the pot as the miriepoix simmered billowing waves of steam throughout the kitchen. 
Memories of watching the Food Network and Rachel Ray came to mind as I remember her commenting on the onions sweating and how good it was for the flavor of the meal. 
Sweating—eeeeww—it is a bit uncomfortable but yes, I know it is good for the heart.
I sensed God nudging me to see the miriepoix sweating in the pot and creating an aroma that made my mouth water, why?  I sensed questions rise up in me as I believe God was showing me how much my life is like this miriepoix—my calling—my purpose in life is like this miriepoix. 
On the brink of sweating it out, enduring each moment all the while life is heated up around me I just stood there staring at the pot.   
Things are good but I have to admit things are not easy nor are they what I would call comfortable.    Around me there are relationships that need tendinG to; hearts that need mendinG, health that needs improvinG, characters that need moldinG, habits that need breakinG, attentions that need focusinG…my life is good but there seems to be so many different things—so  much ‘inG’ that is piling up creating a HUGE  ‘inG’ mountain before me. 
As I stir up the pot I recognize the mountain of carrots, onions and celery beginning to change a bit…slowly sweating, slowly changing, slowly creating a pleasant aroma. 
“You are slowly smelling good—a fragrant offering! (Eph 5:1)”  
I’m not quite sure how to accept it—somehow I guess I just do—but I know there is purpose in sweating and having the thermostat of life turned up while God works everything out for His great purpose.  We have to count on being refined and proven genuine in this life. 
Soon the miriepoix will be added to other ingredients—and soon we will find ourselves rubbing shoulders with other great fruits of life—great ingredients put together by the master Chef!
Are you feeling life is hard right now?

Let’s remind each other, it is not the end. 

Don’t give up!  Look up and see what He is doing!

May you hear Him whisper to you too—and may you realize that the awareness of things in our life are sometimes there just so that we realize “ i need God!”     

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