Friday, January 27, 2012

Never Stop Dancing!

It's late...Mommy's home--thank you for your prayers--and the heels are off and the boys are in bed.  I've decided to make a collage of the night...a night I will treasure FOREVER!  First, I kind of felt like Cinderella today, taking care of a regular day of duties, changing diapers, running errands and even finishing up some work while the youngest prince napped...Mom was in sweats, hair pulled back and no make up for the majority of the day...and the rush of dinner time was in full force around 6pm when I grilled burgers for the family
 (the Princes' choice dinner for the night).
Dad brought home a gift and the boys helped put it on...                

The boys adjusting my corsage.

Prince JT-Princess Mom-Prince JD ready for the night
 I never did think about dressing the baby for the night...what was I thinking, he is our biggest dancer yet!
 Surprised at how many people there were--such a great idea!!  And way to go Dad's Club!  This picture shows just one of the circle of kids doing some dance activity with cool pre-teen was the COOLEST!

Some serious looks from the little j-man tonight...I think he was wondering what his brothers were doing with hula-hoops...
 What?  (Don't you just see the COOLNESS?)
This dancing dude
 One is particularly, not shy and not lacking in dance moves....the picture just don't do it justice. 
with his COOL bro



I don't want to stop dancing in this life...
I hope you don't stop dancing either...
But don't follow my moves...I don't know what I'm doing...just feel His heartbeat within you and follow Him...He will lead you into your own groove. 

Let's not be scared to get out there and DANCE...our own gifted dance!  I am choosing to forever remember this night, and just be...

Happy Birthday Mommy! 
Thank you for encouraging me to keep dancing.  I will push through the fears and keep dancing!


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J-Girl said...

Thank you! You writing BEAUTIFUL, reminds me how precious we all are to God-this word BEAUTIFUL came to me earlier this week when I wrote this