Monday, January 23, 2012

A Soul-Deep Beauty Tip

Beauty Tubes Mascara…have you heard of it?  It’s my latest favorite thing!  I shared this mascara with my closest besties last month after my beautiful sister shared her latest beauty secret with me. 
Do you share ideas and such with your girlfriends or do you keep them to yourself?
This mascara is so different than any other mascara that I have ever used…it actually comes off in tubes…rather than smudging into the crevices around your eyes.  I never used to be able to get my mascara off completely and would have remnants of it on my pillowcase often.
As I was washing my face last night and the wet wash cloth warmed my face, I heard God whisper a cleansing message to my heart.  “You have walked this week in freedom.” 
I later saw these words in His Word as I read in Psalm 119 the following morning!

When I was washing my face, I glanced at the wash cloth and saw all the black tubes of mascara in the cloth and glanced at the mirror to see my eye lashes were clean –you’ve got to try it if you haven’t…check it out online here. 
Apparently, this beauty tip that has me jazzed this month isn’t so new—but maybe you haven’t heard yet either—so I feel compelled to share.  God did the same for my heart.  He didn’t speak anything new—but He felt compelled to share this soul-deep beauty tip…and He encouraged me, and let my heart know that He noticed and nudged me to see for myself! 
God noticed that I did not allow the hurtful, wearisome acts of my week to hold me back and because I clung to Him and the truth of whom I am in Him… I walked in freedom…holding onto my confidence! (Rather than throwing away my confidence for the day, which I have often done in the past (Heb 10:35-36).
 I’ve mentioned on my Princess Path Facebook Page, that I am partaking in Renee Swope’s “Confident Heart Online Bible Study.”  And this past week she asked us to think about and describe a woman with a confident heart; I wish I could say that I have felt confident this week.  A lot of new projects and new challenges of the heart have come upon me these past couple of weeks;  and looking back, I believe God allowed these along with a series of hurtful situations to come my way just so I could see that—yep…with Him I’m strong enough to stand…strong enough to stand in His love, not matter what life throws at me.
God showed me in the midst of my tubes mascara that by allowing His Living Water to continually wash away the junk of the world I lived confidently in Him...even during painful moments that made me feel less than secure. The key was He alone was my source of Loving Water.  I didn't rely on the comments of girlfriends or family to cheer me up this week, nor did I allow the hurtful moments to bring me down--at least not far enough down, where God could not nudge me back up. 
For a confident woman plants herself by the Water.  She does not fear or worry when heat from the world comes.  She just keeps going…knowing and relying on Love…the love God has for her.  (Jer 17:7, 1 John 4:16) 

Have you struggled with standing confident lately?  Confidence can be a fleeting feeling if we are not tapped into the One True SourceWe as fellow princesses must keep pointing each other to Him as the One True Source. 
Turn your heart towards God…Turn your eyes away from worthless things…He will preserve your life according to His Word! (Psalm 119:36-37) 

And don't forget to go check out that mascara, girlfriend, and come back to tell me what you think!


Kimberly said...

wow Julie, I have had similar hurtful circumstances this last week. Through it God is teaching me thatHe is enough. It doesn't matter what the world thinks...we perform for an audience of One.

J-Girl said...

Thank you Kimberly for posting, you are so right, and my heart resonates with your words, "...we perform for an audience of One." Praising God for giving us strength :)