Friday, January 27, 2012

Time For A Ball

A Ball and balling are what's on my mind this FUN FRIDAY!  *Sigh*
Oh, I wonder how many of you have something heavy on your heart this FUN FRIDAY—heavy hearts make having FUN a little harder.  
I’m choosing to keep walking and make the best of this Friday—and I sense my King smiling.
I believe my King has arranged some things on the calendar for me today.  I find it a bit interesting that on this day, I am thinking about being a princess and wearing my tiara while my boys dress up in their finest prince attire to take me to the ball...yet I want to just curl up into a ball and well--just ball! 

It’s the Parent/Student Dance tonight…and I’ve dusted off my tiara, painted my nails and just written out a birthday card for my sweet mother.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and her early birthday present unfortunately is coming in the form of surgery today; as she ventures on this road to rid her body of breast cancer.  Please pray for her and lift her up today.   Because of the Ball tonight, I'm reminded of our status as ‘princesses.’   And how often we forget it—maybe because we don’t wear tiaras everyday…

I’m praying for my mom and praying for all princesses in my circle—that we don’t forget Whose we are and Who we belong to—even when situations before us don’t seem so favorable. 

Renee Swope wrote about it in Chapter 2 of her new book that I’m studying, Confident Heart.  “My dad showed love by buying me things.  So, if God brought good things in my life, I felt His approval.  My dad showed disappointment through withdrawal and anger.  When life was hard and I was lonely, I wondered what I had done wrong and if God was turning His back on me.” 

Do you ever feel that way?

I know I am prone to get lost in this cycle of thinking and forget—I forget and I bet you may be tempted to forget that we are God’s masterpieces and His treasured possessions…we can’t do anything to make God loves us more and we can’t do anything to make God loves us less. 
I just read a girlfriend’s blog where she touched on this a bit too and she reminded me that we can feel forgotten too—but, as princesses of a King, “…we get to hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit in our ear each day.”   (Feel free to clink on the link and read more of what my girlfriend wrote).
Sometimes I know life tries to whisper louder than God’s whisper, so when we see disappointment happen in another’s life, we must pray for them and remind them…remind ourselves!   
We are God’s masterpieces and His treasured possessions
(Eph 2:10, Deut 7:6).

Just for FUN, I’ll post pictures of my sweet princes and me later, and I might just have to go pick up a tiara for my mom to wear on her birthday tomorrow!

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