Friday, February 17, 2012

Aware of the Cats!

Yes, I am thankful for the Cats in my life…and I’m not talking about felines!  To understand where I got the incling to call people in my life Cats, listen to this last Girlfriendit Radio Show titled, Surviving Life and hear Sandy Tremp share her story. 

What a clever little name to give the people in our lives  who God has used as a catalyst  to move us forward.  

Are you aware of the Cats in your life? 

God makes me aware of these Cats when I spend time with Him and one way I spend time with Him with a toddler at home, is during my afternoon walks.  This last week, God has been showering me with little whispers of His love, and they all echoed through the trees during my afternoon walks.  My eyes have gravitated towards the beautiful trees in our neighborhood. 

This is one of my favorite trees.  The leaves were actually red in the fall and leaves changing is a foreign thing in the Arizona dessert.  Right now, these trees are full of beautiful white flowers. 

About half a dozen line the path just a few feet out my front door and as the days go by, I have watched the white flakes of the blossoms cover the sidewalk as if it were snowing. 
This reminded me of a scripture in Isaiah that talks about us being washed white as snow…a scripture I heard while at a retreat and it actually snowed in late spring. 
Karie, Chris, Cameo, Deb and I
Then another day a storm rolled through and I was racing my boys off to football practice driving through the neighborhood watching the flakes flutter with the wind across the street reminding me of the gifts we have been given from God are meant to flow freely to cross the paths of another and I was reminded to pray for a dear, sweet, new friend. 
Then, now after being so very aware of the Cats in my life as I walk and remember other times I went for walks being aware of the trees, sometimes as a little girl, sometimes as a lost teenager and sometimes as a hurt adult woman…there God has always whispered.  With each walk and small part of my journey, He has drawn my heart to see the tree that I am as described in Jeremiah 17:7-9.
Sometimes things happen, sometimes people are abusive, sometimes people are unaware, and sometimes I just need to learn to give God the heartaches and pain so that I can grow.  And isn’t that just what a Cats purpose is…to bring about change—with each Cat in my life, God has used them to make me that much more fruitful!  I've learned about boundaries, mercy and grace along the way--both for myself and to extend to others--and I'm still learning.

I took this picture weeks ago when I was struck with how stoic this bird sat perched on the branch of this tree, and God has brought it to my mind frequently. 
You see, a few trees down the path, a handful of birds were flying away as I walked down the path, startled by my approaching feet.  But this bird sat still—unmoved even as I drew closer to capture this amateur photo. 
Something in me wants to be like this bird—unmoved by the noise of life, chaotic situations and relationships with Cats.

I have a feeling this bird has allowed the Cats in her life to roam in and out of her life, knowing she can soar.  We have wings to soar GIRLFRIEND!!! 
I needed to remind myself of this fact this week.  Do you need to be reminded too?

What keeps you stuck in the pain? 
What helps you remember those wings?

God’s Word and even the very study I wrote and have published as an eBook are speaking to me this week.  In Matthew 4:11, right after Jesus rebuked the enemy with God’s Word, it says, “angels came and attended him.”  I’m reminded that I too am going to be thrown arrows from the enemy and he unfortunately knows what has wounded me in the past, and he loves to inflict old wounds.  I must consistently refute the arrows from the enemy and fight through the pain with God’s truth.  It is here that my heart is light and I see my ability to soar…not just surviving but thriving! 
Let’s practice together, Allen McCray also encouraged the listeners on Girlfriendit Radio  to make a list of what is true—turn that desire to compare your list with mine or anyone else’s and I will resist this temptation too--but let’s just share with the purpose of spurring one another on to see what is true! 
I will start and I will be looking to hear what you have to say too.  Ready-set-go! 
I AM LOVED…WORTH DYING FOR and WORTH the effort to be spoken to!
(These past weeks it's been in the trees...hmmm possibly, for the purpose of casting my eyes above to see the heights as to which He wants me to soar)!

*Come on...don't be shy, share your truth and let's thrive--even amongst the Cats in our life!


Anonymous said...

I am LOVED, He is FAITHFUL and I am so thankful that his GRACE covers my walk.

Anonymous said...

I am also SO thankful for the Cats in my life!!

Deb said...

Not sure why my posts are coming up anonymous, so I'm trying again :o) Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

J-Girl said...

Deb, I just took a deep breath repeating the words you wrote, LOVED, FAITHFUL, GRACE! So thankful for Jesus and girlfriends like you that encourage me to see Him too--we do what we do to make our JOY complete!!! Just can't seem to accept His love and not share it!