Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clean And Cute!

Does your life look or feel messy?  Yesterday was a messier day than usual for me and I even tweeted this picture of my son.  I titled this picture of him and is smeared spaghetti tray, “It’s been a messy day!”

I thought a lot yesterday about how messy life can be.  In the middle of the muck of life, it is easy to feel like we can’t get cleaned up—hopelessness can set in at any given time and thoughts of change exhaust even the most driven princess. 
I realized this morning that God was speaking to me through my messy day and He rocked my heart this morning as He breathed life into my heart.  His words of truth are echoing now as I type, “You are already clean.”  And as I work through my 1 John study He is highlighting this truth even more!

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So, in today’s study we read Hebrews 9:14 and 22 and the word cleans jumped off of the page for me.  I share the meaning of the Greek word in my study and write—“all the mistakes, all the regrets, all the dirtiness that life brings, He can wash away.” 
I realize how much the world has taught me otherwise.  Even the very people God has placed over me in my life, other well-meaning people just have managed to communicate either by their words, or lack of words and just their simple actions have left me with thoughts close to my heart, “You are not good enough,” or “I see your messiness and until you get it together, you have no worth.”  As a child I remember feeling like my good always needed to be better when words of affirmation were often withheld.  Over time, my heart was left feeling dirty, inadequate and without hope and I couldn’t really explain these feelings--I just know I felt this way deep inside.  I struggled with feeling clean and good.  Do you struggle with feeling good enough in this messy world?

Remember this picture I said I tweeted, I got several comments back with just the word ‘CUTE!’   I have to say, I agree with the comments, for as I snapped the picture of my messy boy, I was thinking about how cute he was and he was just so proud to be feeding himself and enjoying every second of messiness.  As I glanced again at the picture I heard God whisper, “How cute you are in your messiness.  And just as you are cleaning him up—I do the same for you…You are clean and cute!”

You are clean and cute too girlfriend!  I pray you make time to chat with our King today and hear His whispers for yourself.  Feel clean and cute!  Because He has already made us clean and cute!
Want to be inspired by another’s journey with God that brought about clean and cute amidst a messy life?  Bryon and Julie Widner will be sharing their redemptive story on Girlfriendit Radio today…can’t wait to hear from this former skin head and his wife and how God transformed their lives with His love.  Come listen with me and then let me know what you thought of the show?


Karie said...

LOVE this! This is from the bible study I am doing right now: "Our MESS is a perfect match for the MESSiah. And when the MESSiah touches our MESS, it's then to become our MESSage to the world".

J-Girl said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing Karie :)