Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just realized it is February 29th--this day won't be around for another 4 years!!

Today is actually a day to celebrate some great LEAPS in the Lane Family...that's all it takes sometimes, just a LEAP to start something new!  We were created for new things...

1.   On February 29th, 16 years ago, I was asked to be a bride-AND not just anyone's bride, but Justin Lane's bride!  Yep it was leap year and Justin got down on one knee...awww!  It was a precious day--that marked God beginning something new...our family.

2.    On February 29th, just today, I leaped into something new and figured out how to get the Girlfriendit Tab the team emailed me and attached it to my blog--yay!  *Notice the lovely logo to the right of  my blog*  This logo marks God sending me a gift  of something new--in the form of remarkable women rallying my heart, to love and yes-LEAP!

3.    On February 29th, I learned and watched video-proof of my boy WALKING!  Yep, he has taken the next leap...(please pray for me).  He is doing something NEW!

HAPPY LEAP DAY! It's February 29th, and after reading with some fabulous women last night the parable of the 10 brides--we talked about preparing to meet our King...Have you made that leap? What are you leaping toward today, this year?

Just as this day only comes around every four years--sometimes an opportunity only comes around that often--what are you going to do this year that is a LEAP for you?

Please share a way you want to LEAP into tomorrow?  A leap outside of the box?  A leap into something new, perhaps?

Are you prepared to leap princess?  

Will you leap on down to the comment box and share with us?

If you are not sure, take a leap and post and ask for prayer, I would love to connect with you and pray for God's plan for you princess!

Off to go chase some little feet but I will be checking back in...HAPPY LEAPING PRINCESS!

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