Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beloved Walking

Sin!  How do you define it?  Can we go a day without it?  These questions arose amongst a circle of fabulous women this week—

What do you think?  Can we go a day without sin?  I have my own thoughts, but I’m curious what yours might be….I’m not one to stir things up, but I’m curious what your thoughts might be…

Hmmmm…a sinless day….maybe on a REALLY GOOD day when I get to sleep in and take lots of naps-ha! 

While meditating on this thought of a sinless day, a scripture is ringing in my head.  Jeremiah 6:16 states, “Stand at the crossroad and look, ask for the ancient paths,; ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”  

I remembered a former life coach reminding me that sometimes, standing and asking are the easy part; but walking—well, walking can be difficult, especially in a world where we are bound to face pain and be wounded in some way. 

When we are tired or injured, surely walking takes more energy out of us.  Earlier this week I heard a pastor talk about doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly…and the fact that we can’t do or love without first walking humbly. 

I don’t know the answers—but I’m rejoicing in being right here in this place to absorb God’s love and learn to walk.

I wasn’t walking—but driving and God showered me with a message and maybe you need to hear it too. 

I heard on the radio, artist Jason Gray sharing the story behind his song Remind Me Who I am. Gray talked about sin and being entangled in it and realizing that in the midst of sin he had forgotten that He was God’s beloved.  (My heart skips a beat saying I am God’s beloved).

Could this be at the core of our sinful acts?  Do we NOT know or believe how treasured we are and thus attempt to demonstrate just how worthy we are, only to find ourselves knee deep, and entangled in sin.  Sometimes sin we are not even aware of…those unconscious acts that we may think are right and loving—but really our selfishness is marked all over the loving act. 

Do we really grasp just how loved we are?  I read these words found on Jason Gray’s blog,  and listened to his video Remind Me Who I am…they sent my heart blazing

There is that parable where Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God being like a man who, having found a treasure in a field, sold everything he had in order to buy the field and gain the treasure. I was always taught that I was the man in the story who needed to give up everything in order to “gain” the Kingdom of God.

Andrew Peterson pointed out to me years ago that in the other parables surrounding this one, the “man” in the story was always God.

What if God cast himself as the man in this parable, too?

Is he the one who gave everything he had in Jesus in order to recover us?

Could it be that we are God’s treasure?

When I’m tempted by sin these days, I can feel beneath it a desire to feel worthy and loved.

This desire tells me that I’ve forgotten who I am and need reminding.

I’m learning to run to the only one who can tell me, the One who carved my name in the palm of His hand and gave everything he had so I could be His.

It is heady and humbling at the same time to be so highly regarded by One so worthy. It makes a difference.”

So , what do you think?  Do you allow yourself to ask questions, do you allow others around you to ask questions?  Does His love make a difference?  Do you think we can go a day without sinning?

Do you believe that you are God’s treasure?

I wrestle with thoughts like these and embrace questions that send us running after Jesus.  I want to know more about Him and His love for me….I do!

I sense God bringing my heart to grasp afresh His mercy, His grace, His love....I’m learning….

Do you know you are His beloved?  Are you walking as His beloved

What truths, scriptures, stories, people, relationships encourage your walking? 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…but until then—I’m going walking.


Deb said...

I do so often need to be reminded of who I am in Christ so that I can keep walking forward. Thanks, Julie, I love this!

J-Girl said...

It is nice to know we are not alone and when we stumble and get off track--it's so great to have those girlfriends to walk along side us...cheering us on and helping us see the Light! I know you are a voice of truth and love to so many Deb...keep going!