Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Truth to Match: A Valentine Message

 “That was for you!” My boy grinned and explained that his winning touchdown was for me—an act of greatness to demonstrate his love for me.

This all came on the heels of last week’s defeat which broke my heart.  My mom even explained to me the heart-wrenching emotions that over took her while watching our new littler quarterback throw an interception, leading to a score for the other team.  I prayed for my boy while standing on the sidelines, adament about my request for God to flood my boy with confidence that He is loved amidst this defeat.  “You fill Him Lord!” 
My mom had tears in her eyes as she told me she had emotions flood to the surface while watching my boy courageously hold back tears and asked, “Why do we have to wrestle with such difficulties in this life.”
It’s hard to watch another struggle through pain isn’t it?    

As my mom and I talked I couldn’t help but share this nudge in my heart and I believe God was bringing my heart to realize something.  I could think that this thought came from my own mind—but I choose and am choosing to believe each time a piece of truth comes to my mind, that it is God reaching out to me. 
Similar to what is depicted in Isaiah 30:19-21 (Go read these verses—they are treasures!)  Ha!  Verse 22 is even a little funny—away with the thoughts and feelings that can come associated with a certain time of the month. (Please smile with me and say Away with you!--all for the purpose of leaning more into God and His truth)
Let’s not be embarrassed to share these moments where God nudges and we see glimpses of His love.  Let's write them down, journal them, blog about them, and talk about them.

I heard God whisper and encouraged my mom to write this in her journal, for right now she is embarking on her own troublesome journey.  As I thought about God and His love being nothing like the selfish love my biological father demonstrated, I heard, “If you are feeling so much love and compassion for your new little quarterback, imagine the love and compassion that I have for you.” 
I then remembered more of that moment and how I wanted to rush in and rescue my boy; but thank goodness I left my super woman cape at home.  I chose to pray instead and God commented,  “I too want to rush in and rescue you—and ultimately I have—I’ve given you victory.”

I watched my boy glance over to the sidelines to see us all continuing to cheer him on and God commented, “I too am cheering him and you on, I will never fail you!” 
Watching my boy persevere on the field stirs my heart to do the same.

 Do you keep going even when you don’t feel like it?
Sometimes, it is easy to feel like our efforts are hopeless—my heart has been wounded and with no father figure to model the way for me, and there have been other people in my life who have failed me too.  Because of pain in my life, I have struggled with doubt and discouragement.  Some days I do good relying on the love God has for me, and other times I struggle with letting go of the painful situations in my life and the feelings linger.   

I have never found victory by following my feelings.  The good days and victories come for me when I surrender to God (accept His love and trust Him, claim His truth for myself and forgive others.) 
My feelings do eventually catch up when I choose His path and forgive those who have come along my path. 

Want a fresh perspective on letting go?  Go here and listen to an inspiring story about forgiveness shared on Girlfriendit Radio. 

While cheering on the football field, I have witnessed God’s megaphone in my own ear…helping make the complex simple for my heart.  Just before the game, my boy gave me my birthday present...a box of heart-shaped earrings-one for every color of the rainbow.   “I picked these because you can wear them with every outfit, Mom!” *Deep silent breath, inhaling the love, exhaling the pressure and expectation*

So thoughtful, isn't he?  Well, as I chose these purple ones and put them on to match my boy’s jersey, in that moment my heart recognized the need to choose truth and put it on to match!
In recent months when I wasn’t chosen for a job, I reminded myself that I am chosen by God.
My dad discouraged the whole little girl princess stuff growing up, but I remind myself today that I have a high calling of princess work for my King.
On days that I feel blah, I remind myself that I am treasured and beautifully and wonderfully made.
(1 Peter 2:9, Eph 2:10, Psalm 139:14)

 So, just as I wear the earrings to show my boy how grateful I am for his gift…I’m going to wear God's truth today and show my God just how grateful I am for His gift!
What truth goes with your feeling today? 
Will you please share with us what you are wearing today, a girl always can use some new ideas to coordinate with what's in her closet, right?!?! 
Let's think of it as God’s own little valentine message for our hearts today…and then choose to give our own valentine in return.  *Can't wait for what you have to share*


NUNU said...

im so very proud of you . . . o the things we would never know if we were never mothers,
thank you lord for the privilege of being a mom . . . and for faithful servants that can put feelings into words.
love to you,

J-Girl said...

NUNU...can't help but read NUNU and smile. Yes, so thankful for this honor of being a mother and thankful for the willing mothers who have outstretched their arms and prayers along the way. Oh so thankful for the faithful servants along the way who have encouraged hearts to be willing...oh to just be willing--thank you for commenting and sharing the love :)