Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bouncing Back

Okay…get ready to usher me into the “Looney bin.” I cannot resist writing about how God spoke to me yet again through an experience my boys had and how they ‘bounced back!” I am both thrilled and excited that God teaches me so much about His love through my children. So thankful that God has rescued this heart of mine and brought me to a spacious place…because He delighted in me. And I rejoice knowing that God does not have favorites and that there is nothing special about me…He delights in and rescues all of His children! (Psalm 18:19)
“AAAGGH he ------ es uuuufh!” One of the sweet young neighbor boys tried to explain to me this past weekend as he walked my oldest son home. I couldn’t understand what my son’s friend was saying but noticed my son’s face full of blood and tears and he was holding one hand over his face and the other hand was carrying his tennis shoe. I had to ask his buddy again to repeat what he said; and his sweet voice reiterated, “He is messed up!” (I wanted to chuckle at his choice of words but I refrained).
I came to find out more and knew the boys were riding their bikes up and over ramps in the street like they usually do at that time in the afternoon when my son took his first big fall to the pavement. I’m sure this is just the first of many- but this first one was a doozie with both elbows and knees bloody and swollen; knuckles scraped up, a fat lip, bloody nose and a chipped front tooth.
It didn’t help matters that all of this happened just before I was getting ready to leave to meet some girlfriends for some much desired ‘girl time.” The nurturing heart of mine thought of missing it to care for my little guy…but after a dose of ibuprofen, a lot of popsicles, sweet cuddles, Dad’s presence, and Grandma’s love arriving on the scene I was freed up to leave.
The next morning was rough for my little guy. The swelling had gone down but he still needed a lot of tender loving care. He spent most of the day just sitting either in front of the computer or the television eating ice cream and popsicles.
Then that afternoon to my surprise he bounced back outside. He didn’t touch his bike; but he was outside playing with his friends. It made me think about my life as an adult and although we don’t crash and burn jumping ramps with our bikes; we have several moments in life that tend to drag us down.
Those discouraging moments when life throws us a curve ball and we are left hurt and wondering why. I know in my own life I know that my toughest trials were not suffering pain and loss but understanding why God allowed me to suffer. It makes me think of Job and how his life demonstrates that suffering can be, but is not always a penalty for doing something wrong (sin) and in the same, a person’s success is not always a reward for doing good.
I’ve come to realize that in my times of great suffering somehow I’ve seen that God is actually all I have ever really had and even needed to survive. I realize that my time of great suffering was maybe partly allowed to bring me closer to God and make me further aware of my need of a savior. I have seen that God cares about me and my suffering even when I was tempted to think otherwise and that God was—and is—and always will be extremely sensitive to my suffering.
So as my mind asks “What am I to do?” I hear a faint whisper as I watch my son get back out and play even though he described the throbbing still present in his wounds…”Keep going.” Even though it hurts keep moving knowing that healing will come and the wounds will fade into scars that no longer throb.
Some way somehow I sense that the Spirit of God continues to move us forward when we are like Job in his suffering, and treasure the words of God’s mouth more than our daily bread. (Job 23:12) When our hearts are full of Him…it doesn’t matter what life throws us…we can bounce back like Job and my son and experience abundant blessings. When the blessings don’t arrive in our timing, may we remember that there is more to this life than the present.
My son is not sure what happened in his mishap with the bike and ramp. Sometimes we can control what is in our path that causes us to crash and burn and sometimes we are left to just deal with what falls in our path. May we be wise enough to move the stumbling block out of the way when we can; and when life happens regardless of our efforts and we crash and burn…may we get up and smile chipped tooth and all knowing God loves us and will see us through to the end!

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