Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mowing the Path

I was walking this morning and saw a situation where a father was “letting” his son help him mow the lawn. The young toddler was following behind his father with his fisher price plastic wheeled lawn mower wearing a grin from ear to ear. He stayed behind his father for awhile but he quickly got bored; I guess, and jumped out ahead of his daddy. The young boy reminded me of myself and how quickly I can get bored and desire some new fresh scenery. I thought about how God calls us His sheep and He is our Shepherd (Psalm 100:3 and Psalm 23). Often times we think we know what’s best for us and we want to go our own way; we get bored; or desire to prove ourselves. I watched as the little boy ran out ahead and then had to keep looking back to make sure he was far enough ahead of his daddy with the mower out ahead. I thought how exhausting that would be to live life that way…running to stay far enough ahead and constantly looking over your shoulder. I recognized my heart has desires similar to this young boy; a desire to lead, a desire to be useful and a desire to be safe. Thank you Father that I can follow in your footsteps, seek you with all of my heart and be secure, knowing that I can trust you to lead this heart of mine down the safe path.

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