Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Desires of Pancakes

“Yum!” Were the silent thoughts I had thinking of Saturday morning breakfast. The extra excitement came when my youngest son had such a great desire to help me…pancakes were on his mind as he had with him in tow an apron, chef’s hat and kitchen stool. Grandma was there with bells on ready to help in every way; like she is with every activity involving one of her grandkids.
It was evident that this was JD’s desire to make pancakes and I watched as everyone in the house encouraged him and helped him along with each step. Grandma lined up the ingredients staging the mix for success. Grandpa and Dad were not too far cheering him along with plans of capturing the event on film. Oh, what love instantly bellowed out of our windows on this early Saturday morning. Love could have easily been dismissed and rushed away as with any other regular Saturday as bicycle tire fixing, cartoons a- blare, backyard projects and shopping trips were all yet in store for this so- called “lazy” day.
The love and the cheerful moment inspired me to take pause and thank God for not only the blessings in my life; but the desires of my heart that He has given me…like my son’s desire to make pancakes. Along with the desires He has also blessed me with a wonderful group of encouraging, tender-hearted friends and family…helping me see what was once a faint whisper of a desire now come to fulfillment.
As if my heart could not be full enough; I watched as my youngest son with help from Grandma made a special pancake shaped like Mickey Mouse ears and chocolate chips especially for his big brother who was recovering from a HUGE bicycle mishap that occurred the previous night (chipped tooth, bruised elbows, knees full of raspberries, asphalt embedded in the skin and all).
Isn’t that just how God works…filling our hearts with desires all for the purpose of filling our hearts as well as others around us with His love. Is it possible that He gives us these desires in order for us to bless and love another? Oh Father, help me not to ignore these desires that You have bestowed on my heart…thank you that as I delight in You; You will give me these desires. (Psalm 37:4).
Thank you for giving me glimpses of your great, measureless love through the precious life of my son today as he made something so simple...pancakes.

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Minnesota Girl said...

oh, how I love and desire the glimpes God gives me :)