Sunday, February 7, 2010

So Excited Y'all...

Hey Y'all,

Oh, so fun to write like a sweet Texan...yet there is not even an ounce of any kind of an accent coming out of my mouth as I write...hee hee.

One of my favorite authors just so happens to have a sweet Texan draw at times...and she is probably a favorite to so many of my girlfriends--I'm just giddy to mention her name..."Beth Moore"...Well, she had a book come out just days ago, titled "So Long Insecurity" and she is starting an online discussion group on her blog

I just ordered my copy of her book (an early birthday present) and the day we have set to begin reading the book...just so happens to fall on my birthday-February 11th!!

I'm so excited and can't wait to write about what I learn as well as join the discussion group.

If you are interested in joining me...order your book and check out her blog.

Happy Reading Girlfriends!


jesska lynn photography said...

i need to do this! for sure!!!!! thanks! follow my blog to please! =0) said...

You betcha sweet thing ;-)

Josie said...

Beth Moore! Yay! ;) We still need to figure out a meetup conference for us. :) I think I'll read this with you! I'm sure it will still be helpful for me to read, but how I could've used this book about 5 years ago! lol said...

I so agree with you!!! I've come a long way and wouldn't say that I have befriended "Insecurity" like I did years ago--but I KNOW God will surely teach me and grow me in new ways through Beth's teaching <3 So excited that you will be reading it too...SO FUN!!!