Monday, October 17, 2011


"I am AWESOME!" My boy emphatically stated after I asked him how it felt after he scored 20 points and won his flag football game.  He is eight and hearing him state this made me both smile and cringe. 

The truth is...I want him to be confident and know he is awesome.  Sometimes I need a bit more of this myself not having a healthy relationship with my Daddy growing up and missing the dynamics of a solid healthy understanding of God-fidence.  Yet, we are really not all that awesome are we?  I know my life is messy and I am so imperfect even though my attempts at perfection are endless. 

I enjoyed hearing my pastor speak yesterday and descibe that we are like sheep (Psalm 100 and 23)--we can be so skittish, fearful, stupid, fragile--scrambling in life to experience some sort of significance. 

One week we are walking high and mighty because the favor we are finding in others and the bank account is full--and the next we can't get out of bed because the weight of the world is crashing down on us and our pocketbook. 

We've seen it and read about day the king is praised in the streets and the next he is being kicked out of his palace.  One day our loved one is there for us and filling our love tanks to the brim and the next day they have absolutely nothing to give and leave us empty and dry.  There are days to celebrate the positive pregnancy test and other days to mourn the loss.

There are good days and bad days...days we love to talk about and other days we would rather forget...days full of things to build our dreams on and others that tempt to bring the dreams crumbling to the ground. 

What are we to do? 

Whether we are having a good day or a bad day we need to remember where our 'awesomeness' comes from...for we are made in His image and whatever we do, we should do it all for the glory of God.  (1Cor 10:31)

When we see someone do something great, or we ourselves are enabled to do something great--may we speak of the greatness giving the glory to Him..."WOW, God sure showed up there enabling you to ROCK IT!"  And then even in the bad days, speak it to yourself if you have to, "I am His and even though ________, I will not fear, for You, God are with me and You will protect me and comfort me."  (Psalm 23)

Often times it is the reminder of who we belong to that brings AWESOMENESS to our hearts!

My prayer is that those near and dear to me see this awesomeness from Him on both my good and bad days.  Today is a good day and I am also prepared for the next bad day...thank you Lord!

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