Friday, October 28, 2011


It's FUN FRIDAY again!  woOT  WOOT! 

Can't help but have this thumbs up is on my mind again!
Lots to celebrate in my heart this Friday as I listened to Girlfriendit Radio yesterday and was motivated to make a list of the things I am passionate about.  Read more here and click on the link to listen for yourself. 
The Girlfriendit radio show and movement is close to my heart because they remind me of the kind of woman God has created me to be, the kind of girlfriends that I want surrounding me in this life, and also the kind of girlfriend that I want to be.  One thing I am passionate about is encouraging others, and I do think that this passion was born out of the void I had as a young child who often lacked that encouraging word from those closest to me--especially my father.  I am now on a journey of continuned healing with my Heavenly Father and seeking to understand more everyday just how much Jesus loves me and I'm passionate about all of my girlfriends embracing this love too!  Look for more encouraging stuff coming from me--inspired by the love that I have found from knowing Jesus--it's gonna be FUN and no real tiaras are involved...but it's definitely all about walking down that princess path in this life! 

Don't forget to listen to this week's will cheer you on in your pursuit of God's plan and purpose for your life.

I am trusting and just taking one baby step at a time right now...very similar to the tiny steps my 10 month old is taking--small but HUGE at the same time. 

I'm celebrating today because it's FUN FRIDAY, because I worked hard all week, because I'm choosing to embrace the joy in today.  My boys reminded me this week that it is all in the choosing.

Last night I enjoyed watching my nephew sing with his entire third grade class and the theme was embracing the show biz--or the FUN of life!  The chorus of kids singing or screaming at some points, jump started my thinking and reminded me that God is often reminding us to be present enough in our day and choose to have FUN!

My oldest son, chose to have FUN and actually ran in the FUN RUN at school this week. 

And then my middle son chose to have FUN and be a crazy cheesehead fan for his favorite football team. 

And then my youngest...well if you knew him, you would just know that he is all about FUN! This is his new wave...he extends his arm straight up in the air...looks like he is raising his hand to be excused from his seat so he can have some more FUN!

So what are you choosing to do for FUN today?  Please share some of your FUN ideas...your great ideas might spur another to have a great FUN idea-AND I would like to post some applicable FUN ideas for us to implement in our days each week.  What do you and your family/friend do for FUN?
And isn't it just so awesome that FUN FRIDAY precedes the weekend...have a great one girlfriends! 

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