Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It is so clear to me that God has brought my family to a spacious new place and I love our new community…all except for the scorpions!
I don’t understand why God would make such creatures!
I am struggling with being fearful of their sting and paranoid that my busy 9 month old crawler will run into one of these creepy creatures. I have never been so aware and careful of where I place my feet in my own house and never did I know how cool my French twist pedicure looked under a black light.


Why O Why Scorpions Abide

I don’t understand--just as I don’t understand why there are other creatures and circumstances that sting in this life. Um—I think I am a pretty normal human being that does not run after the pain found in various stinging situations. I know by experience thus far (and you probably do too), what my young boy found out by placing a scorpion’s stinger into the body of a pill bug,—get pricked in life and you are liable to start convulsing and then become paralyzed.

Why O Why God?

Why must we endure such fear of being stung or worse yet, the sting itself?

Rather than become bitter and risk being tangled in feelings of doubt when the pain comes; I have learned…

1. I have to lean into God and find strength in His truth found in His Word.
2. I have to stand in His love and remind myself that I am not defined by this sting.
3. I have to trust that God will work everything—even the painful stings for my good.

I find it very interesting that when God described the Promised Land to Moses in Number 34 we see in verse 4 that the southern boundary was Scorpion Pass. And again in Numbers 15 since Moses did not enter the promise land, God explained to Joshua in verse 3 that the southern boundary was Scorpion Pass. In this world we will have things...creatures that sting us. (John 16:33)

I guess it’s true that every rose has its thorn. Beauty from ashes…life from death…O the paradoxes of life! As tempting as it is to remain paralyzed after the stings of this world…something…some One nudges me to see a bigger picture. Sometimes I find myself wanting to put on a nice pair of heels to rise above the situation and see the broader picture.

May we strap on our heels together girlfriends!

Or maybe stay in our tennies and cry out together through the pain and declare the praises of Him who has brought us out of darkness and into His glorious light.

It doesn't matter what pair of shoes we are wearing and no matter what the sting...we just need Him who has overcome!

Girlfriends let encourage each other to seek Him with each sting that we face in this life.
”Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?
Who is afraid of you now?” (1 Cor 15:55 NIV and the Message)

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