Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet Jesus Monday

Aaaaah Monday...

A fresh new day, a fresh new week…I like Mondays for this reason—yet some Mondays just get rolling out of control don't they?  I struggled to find the refreshment in last Monday as I spent the day prior sick and did not have time to prepare for the week.  Kids' lunches were not made and with my hubby just arriving back from a week long trip, his laundry and ironing sat calling my name. 
Yet even in the chaos, I heard Jesus whisper friend and I sensed His love and aid that day and the chaotic day passed.  I didn’t notice His presence painted everywhere in my day just like the colors of Fall are hidden in this desert; but I still found Him.  I still found my faithful friend named Jesus. 

He made me smile this morning with this lone red leaf on the ground—most around my walking path are green or scorched brown from the sun and heat.  Just like Him sprinkling my chaotic day with his love and friendship, the trees are sprinkled with glimpses of the changing season even in the desert.
I was drawn to John 15 throughout my reading about Jesus these past few days and when I read the word friends I seemed to also hear from my memory my son practicing his trumpet.  It was as if Jesus was saying with such grandeur,
"Introducing, my friend [I heard my name and I encourage you to insert your name here.]”

Do you know that Jesus calls you friend?  I encourage you to read John 15:13-17.
He layed down His life...He calls us friends...He chose us.

Can you soak in that He is calling your friend? 

As  women  we crave friendship don’t we?  I have been ever more aware of this as I have recently moved and am now out numbered with baby# 3.  I wish I had more time in my day and could rearrange another's day to match mine--just to sit with my dear friends. 
I rememberd a new neighbor I met who did not yet know my name and called me friend…rembering it now makes me smile. 
And as I remember this, I hear Jesus whisper, STOP, see me calling you friend!
I challenge you as I sensed God challenging me to just sit and be still hearing Jesus call you friend.
Note that it’s not about us being a good friend or not….he still calls us friends even when we have bad days.  That person who just annoys you…that co-worker, that family member, that weird person down the street—Jesus calls them friends too.  Notice who Jesus called friend:
To the man who betrayed him, Jesus replied, “Friend, do what you came for.”  (Matthew 26:50)

To the man needing healing, Jesus said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” (Luke 5:20)
Last week in the text we read about His friend Lazarus who had died but Jesus brought back to life. (John 11:11)

Let us not doubt that Jesus wants to be our friend…for He has called us friends and He wants us to live our lives as a loved friend. 
What does it mean to you knowing that Jesus calls us friends?  

How will a friend who knows she is loved--react today?
How will a friend who knows that Jesus loves her--respond today?
How will a friend who knows she is loved--love today?

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