Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word Wednesday!

I've often felt like God has given me either a word or short phrase to focus on during a day or short season in my life.  Some days are so full and busy that I think He knows this is what will keep me focused on Him.  I will read some verses in the morning and a phrase might jump out at me and then get repeated by a girlfriend later that day, or it may be sung that day through a song I hear. 

Today it is the word...MAKE!

I've read: "...make straight paths for him." 
I've heard, "You make beautiful things."
I know God is going to make all things work out for His greater purposes...

No other great real thoughts--just gonna leave you with that and allow you to MAKE something of your own with it.

I will however leave you with this cool recipe to MAKE your own laundry soap.  Click here it is so easy and kind to your grocery budget.  A girlfriend shared it with me, so I just thought it might MAKE your day.

Please let me know if you have any other words to share this Wednesday--or recipes.

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