Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Where are you?  Are you in the same place you were yesterday?  Last week?  Last year?  Do you need to move on?  Do you wonder why you haven’t moved on?

Maybe there is no need to move on—but maybe there is?  Maybe the issue is that you rushed on ahead when it would have been better to stay put.

This week while studying, a word jumped off of the page and stuck to my mind like a used piece of chewing gum that meets my shoe on the hot asphalt sticks.  

Joshua 5:8 states, “And after the whole nation had been circumcised, they remained where they were in camp until they were healed.”  This word HEALED…is the word for me this WORD WEDNESDAY!

I discovered this word, thanks to a wonderful Bible Study teacher, it is the Hebrew word hayah.  Go ahead and say “HAYAH” out loud…it’s kind of FUN, isn’t it?

I immediately picture myself and karate chopping a board in half.   Can you picture it? 

This word hayah means:  to live, exist, enjoy life, to live anew, recover, be well, to refresh.  And I have actually karate chopped a board in half before and this sends a surge of euphoria through your body.  However, when God karate chops the blocks for us-we are rejuvenated and left with a new feeling of LIFE!

Any time I feel like life has cut me down in some way I am right there at the Lord’s feet to receive His hayah

Are you in need of healing?  What is stacked up in your life right now?  What blocks before you are in need of God's powerful-HAYAH! 

I would feel so honored to pray for you and I encourage you to comment or send me an email.  (Today is the last time to be entered into the drawing that I have talked about this month).  In the past, others lifting me up with their healing prayers have blessed me; and healing comes when we remain with God and allow Him to hayah what is before us.

If we are in need of healing—may we stay put and allow God's HAYAH to breakthrough and heal what needs healing…Then…

Then we can fill in the blank _____________.  

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