Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Music Mayhem

Picture taken from Amber's new album and website. 
God recently reminded me through a girlfriend of just how much He desires to lift my spirit through praise and worship music.  I'm bad about downloading music and using iTunes (I am accepting tutorial help from those more versed with this application).  I listen to Christian radio often on my phone and have it blaring for me and the kidlet when I am home; but I have gotten out of the swing of this.  I think with 3 boys-okay 4; it gets pretty noisy and I just like the quiet.

But, I am going to devote Mondays on my blog to music and am hoping more of you will share what moves you too.  Let's all is Monday Music Mayhem.

Today I want to share a song from a gal I met through Mending the Soul Ministries; she has a new album out and you can download her new album for free for a short time here:

Amber recently opened for Chris August in concert at my home church and she plays for many of the Mending the Soul Conferences.  You will be blessed in hearing her music....Heal These Wounds-the last one on the album is one of my FAVs!

What are some of your FAVs?  Will you share with us?

Remember this month I am giving away the devotional book and each time you share/comment your name will be entered in the drawing.  

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