Monday, October 8, 2012

Simple As Clean Underwear

The busy weekend left my mind full of inspiration to write as well as a house in need of attention.  Not to mention work items to complete and items still left un-checked from last week.

Do you have a list a mile long and struggle with what to focus on first? 

Do you ask God to guide you/show you what and how to focus your energy each day?

I literally laughed out loud when as soon as I penned in my journal this morning; a truth derived from Isaiah 30:23 –He will bring what I need to grow!

As the truth penetrated my heart and I asked God to show me what to focus on; I heard my husband’s early morning voice ask me, "Can you bring me a clean pair of underwear?"

Ooops!  I took this as a gentle nudge from God to focus on the laundry and needs of my family today.  

My mind instantly went to a picture I saw in an article I saw posted in Crosswalk this morning. Click on the picture to the right and you can read the article too.  I know I am leading in other areas, but I am also leading right here at home (and apparently I forgot a load of laundry over the weekend). 

Do you believe you are a leader?

No wonder us women who are wives, stay at home moms, and work-from home moms who rarely wear a suit struggle with believing we are leaders. 

Not all leaders wear a suit, right?!?   I pictured myself leading near my washing machine, and with my vacuum, wearing my grubby work-out clothes and yellow gloves.  Can you picture it??  Let me help you....

So today, I will do various things; but first I am chuckling and embracing the words spoken in the depths of my heart when I asked the Lord to ‘show me what You would have for me to write and focus on today. 

It seems the underwear needs washing today-so I will tackle this necessity first. 

Does God speak to you about the simplest things like tossing a load of laundry in the washing machine?  I really do love communicating with other women and discussing how God communicates with you.  I am inspired by your journeys and I truly desire to encourage you with mine.  All for the purpose of making Him more known—not myself…the Lord knows this is my desire.

It’s been a few years now since God first nudged me to write and I believe part of this purpose was to bring me closer to Him.  

Do you write or journal?  
Have you experienced getting closer to the Lord by writing? 

Many have encouraged me to write and one recently encouraged me to submit some of my devotionals to a publisher and have you heard my first devotional was published in a devotional book titled, Big Dreams From Small Places go here to read a little more of this journey and click on the picture like the one below at the end of the blog for more information. 

It is a fun, inspirational book of devotionals from other women who are paying attention to God in their lives and writing about it….want a copy of the book? 

I am going to be giving away a copy. 

Every time you leave a comment on my blog this month you will be entered in the drawing to be held November 1st.  Leave 10 comments, you will be entered 10 times….leave 27 comments, you will be entered 27 times.

For today, I would love to hear how God has spoken to you recently, or maybe you have a question to ask about how to discern the nudges you think you are feeling—or maybe you just have a word or scripture to share that spoke to your heart--or maybe you want to share how writing has brought you closer to God...

Remember the Lord uses us to encourage one another.  I used to think it was weird sharing how God spoke to my heart—never did I think I would share how God made me laugh showing me it was time to wash the underwear...

I will be checking back to see what you have to share—I am so encouraged by your comments and love conversing with women albeit in person or online. 

All await your comments....
Until then, I'm off to gather the laundry so my family can lead with clean underwear.

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Julie said...

God first, then hubby and somewhere down the line is clean underwear. <3