Friday, October 26, 2012

Vulnerability Hangover

I sat that morning with what I could describe best as a ‘vulnerability hangover.’ (Thank you Brene Brown) 

Do you know of Brene?  Check out her Ted talks here:

It was the morning after attending a challenging Why?! Event with the Girlfriendit Team.   (

I know vulnerability is the birth place of joy and love for me and you!  Yet, I admit I am often so tempted to stay silent rather than embrace the 3 Cs Brene talks about:  Courage/Compassion/Connection….because bottom line, it is scary. 

Back to why I was sitting with a ‘vulnerability hangover.’  That night I sat around the table with some great friends as well as some strangers—some remarkable high-capacity women leaders and I listened while someone shared her story and then felt nudged to share mine and it was like a firecracker went off and sparks were flying because God was moving.  What makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful princesses!
It is risky…vulnerability that is…and it fuels our lives!

So at the moment I want to-or you want to trade in our stories..DON’T!  It is God’s story and it must be told for God to shine in this world through our COURAGE/COMPASSION/CONNECTION.

God reminded this morning as He tended to my hangover in just a few scriptures past the reminder that we are Abraham’s daughters (remember what I blogged about last week…read it here

God reminded me that it is all about planting seeds—tiny ones the size of a mustard seed.  These seeds will grow and become a tree and birds of the air will perch on the branches of these trees.   (Luke 13:18-19)

It takes faith as small as a mustard seed to step forth and be vulnerable and with these tiny seeds we will see God moving in the lives of those around us…

Do you see many trees and birds around you? 

How can we help each other keep planting?

Do you have a seed story to share? 

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