Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday Mayhem

Another Music Monday Mayhem…

Does music help calm you or energize you? 

At different times it does different things for me; but regardless of it jazzing me up like a cup of java or setline my heart as if sipping a hot cup of tea….God uses music to help me.

So why do I forget to make time for it in my day? 

Do you forget to make time for things in your day that help you? 

With so much vyng for our attention and trying to rob us of peace and joy; how about we take this Monday to schedule in something that will benefit our hearts and souls. 

Maybe you already make listening to music a priority; if so, what do you listen to.  What are your FAVs that you can share? 

I just learned that you can download for free a song a week from the Christian Radio Stations.  Go here to download.  I downloaded "Carry Me To The Cross" by Kutless last week

When the path is daunting...
And every step exhausting...
I am not alone...I am not

These lyrics reminded me of the last Girlfriendit Radio Show - No Never Alone. Did you listen? You can download here

Off to crank up the music and live as full of Him as I can today-for that is what us princesses do...right?!?  Would love to add some of your favorite worship music to my list...comment below and share (Remember you will also be entered into the drawing to win the devotional book).

Enjoy your Monday Princesses!

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