Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Light Up His Name

"....I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God..."
2 Tim 1:6

Do you know your spiritual gift?  Check out these links at

Are you prepared to tell your Jesus story?  My church is encouraging us to write our Jesus Story this week here;  in order that we would be prepared and not ashamed to testify about our Lord.  (2 Tim 1:8)

I recently shared my story with a stranger only to find out that she shared a similar story...who knows how God will use this interaction in the future.  

Who knows what coals will begin to heat up in our paths as we step out and share and use the gifts we have been given-share the stories that we have been given.

I wonder if anyone is like me and struggles with sharing their story because it feels a bit ugly and messy.  Each time I share a little about myself I sense a pull from within to remain silent at the same time a burst of energy not allowing me to be silent.  
The morning after I shared and felt so vulnerable, I sensed God speaking to my heart, "I want you to be excited to share your story--your story is not yours at all- it is my story and it makes me famous."

In recent months Girlfriendit encouraged us to write a 1 sentence synopsis of our story.  
Mine was:  
I once was a broken little girl living a life of destruction without purpose and now 
because of Jesus I am living life on purpose for a purpose as His princess.  

How can I help you with writing your 1-liner for Jesus?  
I am praying for you to fan into flame those gifts God has given you...for together we spark a HUGE FLAME THAT LIGHTS UP HIS NAME!


sweetpeonies said...

Such a sweet reminder that we all have a story, one that is not ours but His! As I read your post, I am reminded of who I was 9 years ago and who I am!! Sometimes I feel like a snail, s l o w l y slithering towards the cross. But in reality, I am an inchworm - an inch closer to the cross each day (well, some days 1/4 inch).
Thank you for your friendship, your (His) story & your encouraging words each day.

J-Girl said...

It is great to look back and see how far He has brought us & grown our hearts...HALLELUJAH! Proud of you and your inchin' girlfriend!